Displays Found on the Museum Grounds

Field Pieces

A collection of artifacts are on static display outside the museum.  At present you will find the following within the grounds.

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 German Gun

(undergoing restoration)

 BB-38 Guns  M42A1 Duster
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 M59 APC  4.5" Howitzers  M4A1 Sherman Tank
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M114A2 155mm Howitzer   M60A3 Tank


28th Division Shrine

Many monuments related to the service of the 28th Division reside along the walkway on the grounds.  The dates range from 1919 to the confilicts in Iran and Afganistan.  See the article on the Shrine for more information.


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The Shrine area also includes two memorial walls, one for falllen members from WW II and the other for WW I.



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