Research References 


The Pennsylvania Military Museum is a 20th century artifact repository.  We do not maintain any individual service records or detailed unit histories.  Such information may be available from the resource list below.

Germantown Historical Society  
5503-5505 Germantown Ave 
Philadelphia, PA  19144-2291 
(Revolutionary War)

The David Library of the American Revolution
P.O. Box 748 
Washington Crossing, PA  18977
Ph: 215-493-6776
(Revolutionary War)

U.S. Army Military History Institute
ATTN: Inquiries
22 Ashburn Drive 
Carlisle, PA  17013-5003
Ph: 717-245-3971
(U.S. Army History)

Pennsylvania State Library and Archives

P.O. Box 1601 
Harrisburg, PA  17105
Ph: 717-787-3883
(Civil War & Spanish American War)

Soldier’s Individual Service Records – Pre 1917
Pension and Service Records Section
General Reference Branch
National Archives 
8th St. and Pennsylvania Avenue NW 
Washington D.C., 20408
Ph: 202-501-5641
(World War One)

National Archives at College Park
Modern Military Records
8601 Adelphia Road
College Park, MD 20740
(Detailed Unit Histories)


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