USS Pennsylvania


The BB-38 Guns Displayed at the Pennsylvania Military Museum

On December 7, 1941 the BB-38 gun 22 (L3) was the left hand gun on turret 1. (The lower turret in the photo below.)  Gun 28 (L2) was the right hand gun on turret 2. (The upper turret in the photo.)  Both guns were left on the ship during the overhaul in 1942 but were replaced in the 1945 overhaul.  The guns were relined and sent to the gun barrel storage yard in Dahlgren, VA, where they remained for the past 50 years. They were "rediscovered" during a recent inventory, and the Museum inquired about acquiring them for display.  


bb38pics The guns in storage in Dahlgren, VA.  The gun second from the left is 22 (L4) and the fourth from left is 28 (L3). Note:  The designation of the gun number followed by the parenthetical references the gun and the number of times it was relined.  So, 22 (L4) indicates that gun #22 was relined four times.


See BB-38 History for more information on the ship and Guns to the Site for more detail on bringing the guns to the military museum.