Museum Front - Wall of Honor

When a medal is awarded to a member of the armed services, a ribbon associated with that award is issued for the bearer to wear on their dress or working uniform. The first known award was the Badge of Military Merit established by George Washington. It fell into disuse after the Revolutionary War and was revived by General Douglas MacArthur as the Purple Heart. The fa├žade of the Pennsylvania Military Museum is decorated with representations of several military service ribbons that have been awarded to Commonwealth veterans throughout the last century.

Combat /Heroism

01 Medal of Honor     Medal of Honor (ext. 1876)

02 Distinguished Service Cross     Distinguished Service Cross (Army est. 1918)

03 Mavy Cross     Navy Cross (USN est. 1919)

04 Air Force Cross     Air Force Cross (USAF est. 1960)

05 Silver Star     Silver Star (est. 1918)

Personal Awards

06 Bronze Star     Bronze Star (est. 1944)

07 Purple Heart     Purple Heart (est. 1932)

08 Army Commendation Medal     Army Commendation Medal (est. 1941)

09 Navy Marine Corps Commendation Medal     Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal (est. 1960)

10 Air Force Commendation Medal     Air Force Commendation Medal (est. 1958)

11 Coast Guard Commendation Medal     Coast Guard Commendation Medal (est. 1947)

12 Prisoner of War Medal     Prisoner of War Medal (est. 1985)

Campaign & Service Awards

13 World War One Victory Medal     World War One Victory Medal (est. 1919)

14 World War Two Victory Medal     World War Two Victory Medal (est. 1945)

15 Korean Service Medal     Korean Service Medal (est. 1950)

16 Vietnam Service Medal     Vietnam Service Medal (est. 1965)

17 Pennsylvania Commendation Medal     Pennsylvania Commendation Medal [PA National Guard] (est. 1949)

18 Thomas White Ribbon     Major General Thomas R. White Ribbon [PA National Guard] (est. 1970)


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