BOOT CAMP for Kids

Saturday, August 6, 2015

Pre-Registration Required

 Designed as an outdoor, interactive introduction to military ritual and training, the Boot Camp is open to boys and girls ages 8 to 13 with a sturdy heart and good moral character. Enlistees will be processed into platoons commanded by a team of prior service veterans. Instruction in marching, military courtesy, drill, and physical training will be attended to at three stations throughout the day, followed by a team-building competition between the platoons for the status of Super Platoon.


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 BOOT CAMP for Kids 2014 Photos


2014 Graduating Class
BC Staff
The Staff
SGT Grieb
The platoons muster for roll call.
DSC 0098
  Myers demonstrates the pull-up, much to the embarrassment of the boys.
DSC 0134
1st Platoon under the watchful eyes of SGT Snyder.
SGT Baier
SSGT Biar gives some EMI (Extra Military Instruction) to recruits working together as a team.
All platoons stand-to for synchronized push-ups.
 Second Platoon conducts a Pass-in-Review after chow.
SGT Gray 
 "Are we having fun yet?" 1st SGT Gray never did find that bubble gum.
Combat Run
 The Kandahar Combat Run tests the ability to function as a team and pay attention to detail.
Super pltn
3rd Platoon reacts to the announcement that they have been awarded "Super Platoon" status. Drill Instructor and Penn State NROTC midshipman Petty Officer Seth Southard celebrates with his platoon.
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