Then & NOW Military History Time Line Saturday & Sunday 24-25 OCTOBER 2015

10am to 4pm 

The "Then & NOW Military History Time Line Encampment/Bivouac" features reenactors from the 18th through 21st centuries.  It's the final living history event for the season and offers plenty of opportunity to talk to the participants about their hobby.  Always on a non-home game PSU football weekend,  the Time Line brings the past alive for a great back-to-school experience.


Photos of 2014

  The Time Line is an end-of-season reunion for the reenactors who volunteer at the site.  Several have  supported our living history events for more than 15 years.        

 TimeLine5 74 


The weather can be glorious in the late fall.  The best time to show off the collections and gear.


TimeLin14 69


TimeLine16 114


TimeLine3 72 


The Hessians hold court in the Civil War camp.


 TimeLine8 78


  We provide an encouraging opportunity for the next generation of reenactors.   


TimeLine7 77 

21st century support is provided by the 112th Infantry of the PA National Guard.  


  TimeLine10 79

250 years of uniform styles and changes are interpreted at the event.


TimeLine12 86

The uniform and gear evolution are highlighted at the battle dress uniform fashion show.


TimeLine13 90 

TimeLine15 95 

TimeLine19 103 

TimeLine24 104 

TimeLine17 109


TimeLine14 1


Special thanks to Battery B 3rd PA Volunteers, PA 148th Infantry Regiment, 112th Regiment (PAANG) and the Hessian Lieb Regiment.




Memorable Past Event Group Photos

Time Lin




Rachels photo

























Hope to see you on October 24-25, 2015!! 


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Interested in participating? 


WWI and WWII         email Mike Williamson  

Vietnam War    

Civil War (Artillery) 

Civil War (Infantry) 

Colonial Period          email Ed ManningThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">





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