VIETNAM Revisited Saturday & Sunday July 18-19, 2015

10am till 4pm


Photos and Commentary on the 2014 Event

The VIETNAM Revisited Combat Bivouac at the Pennsylvania Military offers visitors an up close immersion experience into the sights, smells, sounds and tactics of American invlovement in Southeast Asia circa 1968-69.  Visitors may tour the American and North Vietnamese camps, go out on patrol (good footwear and trousers advised) and observe the combat action in the recreated ambush scenario at 1:45 p.m. 




An "In-processing" sign greets all visitors to the firebase.  The acronyms are based in reality.  0825 is the numerical designation for the museum within the state bureaucracy; PHMC is the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission; BHSM stands for Bureau of Historic Sites and Museums.   
vet2                                                            vet3                                                               
Veterans are encouraged to autograph the front with their name, rank and years of service.  On the reverse they may place their physical location in-country.                                                               

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red crossd 
Our participants engage the visitors. 






Impressive Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army displays enjoyed the best bivouac area.  While the Americans baked in the hot summer sun, the VC and NVA were nestled in the thick foliage and tree canopy of Spring Creek. 




This "exhibit" is based on real bush photos from 1968-69. (It's adjacent to the VC/NVA area.) 


Museum educator Joe Horvath briefs a "squad" on tracking through the dense underbrush.  Small groups of visitors accompany a "pointman" and "tail-end Charlie" as they're led through a combat trail.  The point demonstrates the techniques for walking, stalking, and detecting enemy booby-traps.  Long trousers and good footwear are advised for those wishing to out on patrol.
It's a great weekend of learning and revisiting for all.  
pre tactical 
 SFC Gray musters the troops for a pre-tactical briefing.  
The men gather together getting ready to shove off.  
Ambush demonstrations are conducted at 1:45 each day.  Time and space get condensed.  All action concludes in 15 minutes. Just as in some real firefights, intense activity is experienced for very brief moments followed by complete silence.
Tactical 1
   Our tactical demonstation mimics the Central Highlands of Vietnam.  The patrol is "ambushed" while walking along a tree line.  The public experiences the action from the safety of a hillside a short distance away.
tactical 2
A smoke grenade is popped as the men prepare to rush the enemy.
tactical 3
Causalities are taken in the action.
Tactical 4Tactical 5
The wounded are helped to the rear as the unit disengages with the enemy.
Triage is conducted outside the OR tent in plain view of the public with "surgery" immediately following.
Check out a video of the  2013 Tactical Ambush Demonstration     


We stand ready to welcome you on July 18-19, 2015.  
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 Interested in participating?  Visit for additionl info on reenacting.


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