World War II Revisited May 28-29, 2016 
 Axis and Allied re-enactors bivouac (encamp) on the grounds of the museum each Memorial Day Weekend portraying field life in the European Theater of Operations, 1944-45.  Vehicles, uniforms, and equipment are on display with a tactical patrol demonstration at 12:45 each day. Saturday features a Serviceman's Canteen Show reminiscent of the era at 2:30 p.m. Please provide own seating. 
Photos and Commentary on 2014 Event  
Group on jeep 

Reenactors come from four states on Memorial Day Weekend to participate in this event. 


 Jared Fredrick

War correspondent Jared Fredrick of Altoona, PA amazes the little ones with his portable typewriter.


 Captn Gray

Captain Tom Gray of Altoona calls for attention to get the men gathered for the tactical demonstration. 

Roll Call  

The men form up in preparation for moving out.  


 Germans prepare

The Germans man their defensive positions.   


American get hit 

The Americans with their French Resistance fighter get hit as soon as they clear the treeline.


US n French in bush  

The tactical is always impressive. The museum grounds are perfect for a photographic interpretation of WWII in France. 


Visitors to the tactical battle get an up-close-and-personal view of the action.  The crowd may actually feel the concussive shock of the small arms fire.         


 medic approach                                      medic on pt

  Medic Pete Michel of Jackson, NJ is one of the busiest interpreters in the field. 



   US wounded after battle 


The tactical ends with the surrender of the Germans. 

  GHerman surrender


 In the style of a 1940's Servicemans Canteen, we present "Letters from Home", an Andrews Sisters tribute.

Erin and Serah

Erin and Serah of First-in-Flight Entertainment provide a spectacular show for young and old.



Erin and Serah never fail to draw a crowd and the show goes on, rain or shine.

2013  "Letters from Home" Andrews Sisters Tribute  

 Ray gets a talking to            Gilbert

Could this be considered fraternization?


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Group with Polska

 We wish to thank Giant Markets, Wegmans of State College, and The Olive Garden for their gracious corporate food donations.  The members of the 28th Infantry Division (Recreated), 137th Austrian Gebergjaegers, and all associated living history participants and volunteers welcome you to our next event.  

 Interested in participating?  Send an email query to Mike Williamson





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